Why is MyCello revolutionary?

We took the best of the classic cello and the electric cello and used the 3D printing method to combine it into MyCello. Thanks to 3D printing, you can now get a cello without compromise for an unbeatable price.
 We have produced a unique instrument that brings a revolution to the cellist world.


MyCello has a unique sound.  You can just start playing and enjoy a beautiful, quiet but acoustic sound in your house or it could be connected to an amplifier and your concert will be unforgettable.


We spent months making the shape of MyCello perfect and we succeeded! The body is specifically adapted to the needs of the player, so it doesn't interfere or disturb anywhere. Thanks to the materials we used, it is also light and easy for transport even on a bike.


With MyCello, you can build your dream instrument. Colors, size, strings - they are all up to you. You can also add various accessories, such as rosin, a tuner, your phone, a bow holder, etc.  Unleash your imagination and customize your MyCello!


The story behind MyCello

I love playing violoncello, it´s my passion.  I have always wished to be able play at home for hours, without disturbing my neighbors or my family. I wanted an instrument that would be easily transportable so I could take it on a bike, yet still powerful enough to fill a concert hall. 

I quickly realized that there is no such instrument that would satisfy all my needs. That was when I got this idea - to create my own cello without compromises. I am also lucky enough to have wonderful colleagues who threw themselves into this project with me. We also had a 3D printer in our company.

We started working on it and after months of development and improvement, here it finally is!


Get your own MyCello!

Get a special price on MyCello and make yourself happy. You can do it in 3 easy steps:


Below is an order form that you can fill in and send. Please provide your contact information and basic information about the MyCello you are interested in. 


We will reach out to you with a customization form so you can choose your color and other settings. We will also go over the payment options with you. You can also give MyCello as a gift voucher.


Every MyCello is built individually, so we can accommodate your color choices and other customization requests. As a result, we usually ship within two to three weeks of receiving the order.


Our crowdfunding journey!

In February 2021, we ran our first crowdfunding campaign on Czech platform Hithit.cz. The campaign raised almost EUR 40 000 and it was a huge success!

We launched our second crowdfunding campaign for our foreign fans on Kickstarter.com in June 2021. This time, we were able to raise more than EUR 15 000.

Currently, we are running an Indiegogo Indemand campaign where you can order your MyCello or, if you prefer, you can order directly from this website.   

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Order your MyCello: